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PA State Contract (Re-Manufactured Systems)

Re-manufactured panel furniture systems

Corporate Interiors is on the PA State Contract for Re-Manufactured Systems Furniture (Contract 4400015475)

Renewed Environments offers a selection of remanufactured panel systems in stock to provide our clients with workstations that look new, at a fraction of the cost of newly manufactured workstations. We extend the life of existing inventories of office furniture, preventing 150 tons of usable material from entering the waste stream each year. Our remanufacturing process uses sustainable materials and processes. We utilize 100% recycled polyester panel fabric, Greenguard certified laminates, water-based enamels and water-based adhesives.

Renewed Environments breathes new life into existing office furniture by breaking them down to their core components and completely remanufacturing them. We disassemble all metal parts and paint them in a huge selection of colors that can be matched to all major manufacturer standard finishes. We apply new panel fabric which allows us to further renew the look of the workstations. Our Terrain new worksurfaces are manufactured to original manufacturer specifications and can be ordered in laminates from a variety of manufacturers, in a huge selection of finishes.