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Interior Space Branding / Environmental Graphics

The Corporate Interiors Space Branding division provides creative solutions to allow our clients to experience their brand in the built environment. Solutions are accomplished through a collaborative, iterative partnership with our client and are executed by blending materials, surfacing imaging and creative inspiration, resulting in a totally unique space.

As Steelcase Architectural wall specialists, we have experience designing, specifying and applying a variety of films on glass wall systems, entry doors and workstations. From frosted distraction graphics for safety purposes, to detailed precision-cut artwork, we are able to provide solutions in a variety of materials, colors and surface imaging alternatives.

Corporate Interiors has a unique set of capabilities as a millwork/fabrication shop which allows us to fabricate CNC precision three dimensional branding solutions, provide support on material selection / logistics and installation of branding pieces.

DesignTex Surface Imaging

  • As a Steelcase dealership we are knowledgeable in the Designtex product portfolio including fabrics, films and surface imaging solutions.
  • Surface imaging on a variety of materials
  • Wall applications
  • Glass film applications
  • Logos / signage integrated into custom furniture designs
  • Fabric screens, curtains tackable materials
  • Metallic films and other creative materials
  • Designtex technology video screen cloaking films

    Areas of Interest
    Casper Cloaking Film3M DiNoc FilmWall GraphicsGlass Film applicationsCustom 3D fabricationFabric, metal or other applicationOther


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