More and more companies are considering the shift to a digital hybrid workplace to encourage employees to do their best work, regardless of location.

As the shift to hybrid work becomes a reality, organizations should consider adopting digital tools that not only support collaboration and communication, but also offer employee safety.

With the right resources and smartest technology stack, leaders can create a modern, flexible, and healthy environment. Three ways to implement a digital hybrid workplace include meeting room booking systems, workplace occupancy monitoring, and smart lockers.


A meeting room booking system helps transform vacant areas into flexible co-working spaces by ensuring employees can easily book the right workspace for the task at hand. It also reduces unnecessary foot traffic through effective meeting room management and planning.

Spaceti, a space management platform, offers simple and flexible bookings through its mobile Building Application. Employees can easily and quickly download this room booking app on their phones to use as a room scheduler, linking their personal calendar to see their schedule and booked spaces.

Not only is Corporate Interiors a partner and reseller of Spaceti, but we use it ourselves to help define and control what spaces (desks, meeting rooms, and parking spots) are available or reservable. Spaceti has helped advance our digital hybrid workplace since we can easily determine which spaces will be available on any given day, allowing us to monitor and improve our employee’s experience through this easy-to-use room scheduler.

The early phases of the pandemic created some intriguing challenges for our business. We understood that what was keeping people away was concerns over the health and safety of our indoor environments, so we worked with Spaceti to develop a digital health-check to improve user confidence. It was all about democratizing the data and conveying the information in a way that helped to build trust in a safe return to the office.


Many organizations are struggling with time-consuming, manual processes to understand their current occupancy analytics. Occupancy monitoring uses real-time and long-term data to analyze how people use different workspaces throughout the day. Organizations can see which areas are driving high or low traffic, helping inform data-driven decisions around space management.

L’Oréal actively uses Spaceti to collect data about workplace utilization, and thanks to occupancy monitoring, they can make decisions about how to utilize space most effectively. Currently, L’Oréal collects and analyzes:

  • Desk occupancy
  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Department occupancy
  • Real-time utilization
  • Long-term utilization

Since implementing data-driven analytics, they have seen a 15% increase in the space occupancy. They have been able to make data-informed decisions, including increasing people’s comfort so now 20% of space is now dedicated to silent areas, focus areas, and collaborative zones. L’Oréal can now offer employees improved workspaces that have been adapted to suit their individual and collective needs and ways of working.


Many companies are either retrofitting existing spaces or creating entirely new offices to offer employees more choice and control in how and where they do their best work. Part of that transformation means integrating smart building solutions, including a smart locker app.

With the help of Spaceti, Warner Music was able to transform its unique Spanish office building into a space that appealed both to employees and the artists working there. The collaborative and creative environments were achieved by integrating several smart building Spaceti solutions, including 24/7 access control system integration and smart lockers for storing personal items. Spaceti’s smart locker app allows users to open, share, and lock lockers directly within the Building App – all without the hassle of a physical key.

Smart lockers were important to their space since Warner Music artists, employees, and even the public all have access. Since locker demand often exceeds the number of available units, Warner Music can now flexibly assign and manage lockers in addition to receiving a complete overview of their usage.

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