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At Corporate Interiors we provide our clients extensive knowledge and understanding about workplace issues that are effecting their business. We’ve been serving the community for 30+ years and the collective learning and experience gained has provided a wide array of knowledge on how to execute projects in a seamless fashion.

Our vast portfolio of products and services allows us to be the single source supplier to our clients in order for their workplaces to optimally perform. This enables you to concentrate on your primary business while we ensure your workplace project runs smoothly.

We also have the benefit of having Steelcase as a main supplier. Steelcase offers comprehensive products, workplace research, unmatched logistics and resources that are only available through a large global corporation such as Steelcase. Together, we provide innovative products and valuable, leading-edge services to help improve the effectiveness of your workplace and increase the return on your investment.

The Corporate Interiors project team, including project managers, customer service and logistic coordinators, consists of in-house experts that are highly trained in project fulfillment. We have documented project processes that are based on best practices that address every step from solution development to final installation.


Our collective goal for every client to Corporate Interiors is to:

  • Create innovative workspaces that allow you to enhance performance
  • Execute superior service allowing our clients to focus on their business
  • Build a long term partnership through shared goals and measurable results