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Sales Adjustable Height

Sales Height Adjustable

i-shared-we-sharedThis 4 pack of 6’x6′ workstations serves as a touch down area for our sales team, allowing associates to work at any station when it is unoccupied. The media:scape provides a collaboration area where up to 6 associates can share content with one another. To encourage workplace wellbeing, we have installed Ology height adjustable tables which provides the ability to change posture and worksurface height throughout the workday.

Featured Products

  • Answer panel system
  • Ology height adjustable tables
  • Think task chairs
  • Think stools
  • Universal storage
  • Eyesite monitor arms
  • Slatwall worktools

Audio Visual Products

  • media:scape
  • (2) 32″ Samsung LED HD monitors

Thought Starters

Sales Height Adjustable       Sales Height Adjustable     Sales Height Adjustable