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Branding and Video Content

Branding & Video Content

The interior physical and digital space branding was designed to support the Corporate Interiors personality and reflect the culture of our organization, without overshadowing the exceptional furniture found throughout the space. It was accomplished by blending a variety of materials, technologies and processes to showcase our full range of solutions. The digital signage system, powered by Spinetix video players and Elemete software, allows for the management of digital video content and live streaming informational feeds displays throughout the WorkLife Studio.

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Interior Physical Space Branding

Partnering with Designtex Surface Imaging division, in Portland, Maine, and its expert team of artists, technologists and craftspeople we were able to create beautiful, engaging and one-of-a-kind environments throughout our WorkLife Studio space. By merging creative ideas, graphics, logos and imagery with their design, sourcing, color management and printing expertise, we showcase a unique blend of applications within the space. Materials used in the space include 3M glass and wall films, custom Designtex fabric patterns applied to unique substrates, magnetic film applications, 3D DuPont Corian components which include back-lit and CNC etched solutions, as well as custom programmable lighting display.


Digital Signage

This break-through technology enables the user to schedule, combine, stream, update, animate and display in real-time video, audio, graphics and text on any digital video display with low acquisition and operational costs.