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CFO’s Office

CFO's Office

i-ownedThe CFO’S office features a freestanding private office furniture. A rich Walnut composite wood veneer gives this office a classic look. In addition to the task chair, this office includes two guest chairs as well as a bench for added seating options. Excel documents, spreads sheets and charts can be shared on the 60″ monitor mounted on the wall within a metal shroud. Custom magnetic graphic film has been created to mirror the seating upholstery and can be quickly and easily changed out over time.

Featured Products

  • V.I.A.
  • Elective Elements
  • Gesture task chair
  • Mingle guest chairs

Audio Visual Products

  • 60″ Samsung LED HDTV mounted to a media:scape kiosk
  • AMX NMX- VCC – 1000 Sereno video conferencing camera

Thought Starters

CFO's Office      CFO's Office      CFO's Office