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Architectural Wall Systems

The WorkLife Studio showcases two different wall systems working together in the space. Each has a range of benefits and offers a unique aesthetic. The layout of the space provides associates working in the open area with outside views through the large horizontally oriented glass panels.

VP of Sales

Vertical Intelligent Architecture

V.I.A. creates intelligent rooms, designed to augment human interaction by providing true acoustical privacy and hosting technology. It provides a sense of permanence with the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall.

Human Resources Office

Privacy Wall

Privacy Wall and Privacy Wall GS are high-performance, moveable walls that give you the flexibility and variety to accommodate not just today’s needs, but also the continually changing needs.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems help improve concentration within the workstation. A variety of control modules and volume adjustable emitters help fine-tune the appropriate solutions for offices from thousands of square feet to hundreds of thousands of square feet. It also supports music and paging.