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Steelcase X-tenz

X-tenz and Double X-tenz sleepers provide a full-length sleeping surface with a small footprint for hosting guests in patient rooms.

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SIt or sleep, for one or two

X-tenz provides seating that accommodates families in patient rooms, and opens to a full-length sleeping surface when needed. Versatile and comfortable, X-tenz helps keep important supporters near the patient throughout the healthcare journey.

Simple conversion

The sleep surface extends on a rolling carriage frame that allows one or two overnight guests to sleep comfortably – and stays conveniently stowed away when not in use.

Optional: Space Maximizer

The single X-tenz opens to the left or right for smaller spaces, or for typically wasted areas such as under window sills or between room columns. Double X-tenz opens forward and converts into a full-size double bed for two overnight guests.