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The Think office chair intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort. Fully redesigned and reengineered, Think is smart, simple and sustainable.

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We’re excited to unveil an insightful redesign of one of our global bestselling chairs, Think.

Smart. Simple. Sustainable.

The Think chair intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort. Fully redesigned and reengineered, Think is smart, simple and sustainable.

In 2004, the Think chair was quickly lauded as a breakthrough innovation, and became a global bestseller. As the first Cradle to Cradle certified product on the planet, it created a higher sustainability standard across industries.

We based this redesign on global trends and deep user-centered research.

Today, workers are more mobile. They are spending their work day in range of settings, rather than just their desk.

Meanwhile, we have learned more about new materials, new molding technologies and new performance capabilities.

We have gained 8 more years of experience as designers and engineers. With this knowledge, we are excited to introduce this insightful redesign of one of our global bestselling chairs, Think.


The Think chair senses what your body needs. The Integrated LiveBack System conforms to your body and moves with you as you change postures. It features an advanced weight-activated seat, so anybody can get comfortable, quickly.


Think is easy to use. The intelligent design allows the user to personalize their comfort through few manual adjustments.


Think has measured and minimized its lifelong impact on both human and environmental health. The newly redesigned Think has fewer parts for easy recycling and even quicker disassembly. Steelcase can help you reuse or recycle the chair at end of its useful life.

Think Environmental

A chair thoughtful enough to measure, and minimize, its lifelong impact on the environment.

In developing the Think chair, we considered where it comes from, how it is made, and what it will be when it is no longer a chair.

The Think chair is the first product to ever receive Cradle to Cradle Product Certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) and has Silver-level certification. The Cradle to Cradle Product Certification evaluates a product for human and environmental health impacts throughout its lifecycle and its potential for being truly recycled or safely composted.

A complete Life Cycle Assessment has been completed for Think, evaluating the chair’s lifelong impact on the environment from materials used through production, shipping, use and end of life. The results of the Life Cycle Assessment are reported in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The Think chair is the first product ever to be level 3 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard. According to BIFMA, the level conformance mark ensures a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of the environmental and social impacts of a product’s manufacture. Level certification makes it easy to identify products that have been evaluated against a consensus-based, multi-attribute sustainability standard.

The Think chair is also SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified. The program tests and certifies products for compliance with USGBC LEED EQ4.5 (furniture and seating).

A few more environmental facts about Think:

  • Up to 98% recyclable by weight
  • Disassembly for recycling takes about five minutes using common hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.)
  • Up to 38% recycled content

View Think’s Product Environmental Profile.

More information about the environmental considerations of the Think chair is available in the Think Environmental Brochure.

Think: Adjustability

Adjusting your Think chair

Ergonomic features of the Think chair include:

a. Integrated LiveBack System
Back Flexors track with the natural shape of your spine, and are linked together to provide integrate and prescribed movement.

b. Dual-energy Lumbar
An integral part of the Integrated LiveBack System, the dual-energy lumbar uses embedded spring energy to follow and support the natural motion of the spine.

c. Advanced Weight-activated Mechanism
Moves as fluidly as the human body does. It provides a recline resistance that is proportional to your own body weight, while keeping you oriented to your work.

d. Adjustable Arms
The Think chair’s Adjustable Arms retract up to three inches upon contact with your worksurface, allowing you to get closer to your work. They also pivot and move up and down to provide natural support.

e. Adaptive Bolstering
Adaptive Bolstering in the seat cushion allows the seat to conform to your shape, providing dynamic support that can adapt to your body as you change postures.

f. Flexible Seat Edge
When you recline or lean forward, the seat edge flexes to relieve pressure on the back of the legs.

g. Comfort Dial
Combines four comfort settings into one simple dial. Select your favorite setting: weight activated, weight activated with a 20% boost, mid-stop recline, and upright back lock.

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