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Steelcase Sync

Designed to support clinicians in action, Sync workstations facilitate collaboration between colleagues, connection to patients and access to technology and information.

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Sync from Steelcase

Meeting Clinician Needs

Sync Clinicians are often forced to overcome inefficiencies built into their daily routines. It offers opportunities to make these experiences work for clinicians, rather than against them.

Clinicians have a place for charting and technology access, with sightlines to the patient. This solution minimizes wasted footsteps to save time and helps lead to more efficient care experiences.

Anticipating Change

Technology continues to advance, while fixed millwork represents built-in obsolescence. Sync is designed to future-proof clinician workspaces as much as possible.

As space needs shift, the modular design of Sync allows for multiple configurations in new or existing environments.

Connection is Critical

Clinician workstations provide an ecosystem of spaces for different activities: collaboration, focused tasks, teaching and learning, and quick social exchanges.

The open plan concept offers easy access on all sides. Adjustable monitors and contoured work surfaces promote clear sightlines for information sharing, while providing dedicated space for individual work.

Greater Care for Clinicians

Clinician comfort is rarely considered in a one-size-fits-all workstation. Sync keeps comfort at the forefront.
•Touch-control adjustment brings individual work surfaces to a comfortable height for sitting, standing or perching.
•Adjustable monitor arms adapt to the user.
•The foot railing lets clinicians shift their weight while standing – an instant relief for weight-bearing limbs.

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