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Steelcase Sonata

Sonata modular casegoods define personal space within treatment settings, providing important amenities to patients and families with easy access for clinicians.

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Privacy without isolation

Sonata solutions promote privacy for patients while making room for family. Helps support workflow among clinicians, providing easy access to patients, supplies and technology. Product choices can be tailored to the needs of each environment. And because change happens, Sonata can be easily reconfigured or added to over time.

Meaningful Moments

Helps support the connections that can lead to better healthcare experiences. Clear sightlines ensure constant access to clinicians and offer opportunities to interact with fellow patients as desired. Sonata makes room for friends and families who are present to support their loved one during treatment.

In reach, out of sight

With Sonata, everything is in its place, right where it’s needed.

Sonata offers:
Convenient access to power.
Storage for tools
Waste bin storage that is hidden but easily accessible.
Surfaces that are at appropriate heights for standing work.

Warm + Welcoming

Sonata emphasizes comfort, both physical and emotional. Open personal storage provides a spot for big and small items, keeping them in sight. Places to plug in and room for a personal TV bring technology to the space, for entertainment or work. Sonata responds to the understanding that for patients, families and clinicians, it’s the small things that make a big difference.

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