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Steelcase Sieste

The flexible, clean design of the Sieste collection of seating offers comfort in nearly any healthcare space.

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Sieste Overview

Hospitalization increases feelings of vulnerability for patients and families alike, intensifying the need for choice and personal comfort in a space. People are challenged physically, cognitively and emotionally. Environments that feel hospitable versus institutional can help people deal with the strains of the experience and the range of their emotions by supporting individual preferences and creating a sense of control.

Comfort + Welcome

With a clean, simple design profile, the Sieste collection of seating offers comfortable support for sitting, lounging or sleeping. It encourages visiting family members to feel welcome as active partners in their loved one’s care.

Function that Lasts

Sieste is designed to withstand the rigors of high-traffic, high-functioning healthcare environments.
•A frame constructed from durable hardwoods and a seat with reinforced steel stands up to daily use.
•Zippers and Velcro® closures make covers and components field replaceable.
•Space between the seat and back means easy cleaning and maintenance.

Options for Everyone

•The Sieste collection includes a lounge chair, loveseat and sofa.
•Bariatric seating offers extra seat width and reinforcements for added comfort and weight support.
•A swivel tablet arm is optional on all lounge models.

Sleeping + Sitting

Family and friends can stay near to their loved one with the smart Sieste sleeper.
•It provides separate surfaces for sitting and sleeping – without challenging mechanisms.
•A large drawer gives convenient storage.
•Available in three standard lengths and with or without arms, the Sieste Sleeper Sofa can be customized to fit into small spaces.