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Steelcase Shortcut

Sleek, modern and incredibly versatile, Shortcut offers simple sophistication for the way you work.

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With a comfortable plastic shell and a range of options, Shortcut is a true multi-purpose chair.

  • Flexible plastic shell available in seven color options
  • Back cut-out is designed to offer extra flexibility and comfort.

Get Close.

  • Shortcut’s patented elbow rests let you use devices with elbows fully supported or pull close to your desk without the hassle of adjusting arms.
  • Shortcut’s generous seat allows for easy-in, easy-out mobility to keep pace with your busy environment.

An easy-to-use chair that will support quick sits between meetings and focus time.

  • Available as a chair or stool, Shortcut gives you the options and comfort you need to get work done.

Optional seat cushion

  • Bright colors and gorgeous cushion stitching infuse your space with personality. Or, go cushion-free for easy-to-clean seating.
  • Because we believe that small things have the power to make a big impact, we designed Shortcut’s cushion with bold stitching to outline each seam. Details do matter—and these details are stunning.