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Steelcase Series 7

The Series 7 height-adjustable table delivers a complete range of ergonomic postural benefits by allowing employees to sit or stand at their whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.

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Series 7

The Ultimate in Comfort, Control, Wellbeing + Productivity

Attracting and retaining employees (and keeping them healthy and productive) is essential to the success of organizations. An employee’s work environment is considered one of the more important factors. The electric Series 7 tables allow employees to sit or stand at a whim, maximizing comfort and productivity while reducing costly turnover and demonstrating an organization’s commitment to its employees’ health and wellbeing.

Optimal Sit-To-Stand Height-Adjustability

With an exceptional load capacity, an energy-saving standby mode, a broad sit-to-stand height range and a choice of three controllers, Series 7 is ideal for individuals expecting the most from themselves and their work environment.

Seamless Integration

With a simple, understated design, Series 7 integrates well with other product lines and applications, and —with up to 540 lbs. of distributed load bearing capacity— it can accommodate even the most demanding technology applications.

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