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Steelcase Reply Guest

Work happens in many places. Choices for seating are abundant with Reply, a complete global family of task and guest chairs that are as nice to look at as they are to sit in.

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Reply Guest

Simple Comfort. Transparent Design.

Comfort is no secret for Reply chairs with mesh backs. Imported from Italy, our exclusive mesh is woven with chenille yarn offering soft, supportive comfort in an airy and light scale design. And if a classic look is what you prefer, our fully upholstered Reply chair offers dynamic support with a sleek and contoured look.

Up to the Task

Reply chair controls give you comfort right at your fingertips- the kind of comfort that makes it easy to sit for a long time, with the kind of control unexpected in a chair this reasonably priced. And Reply’s high-performance mechanism provides the adjustments you need for long-term comfort

Reply is ready to take on whatever your workday brings. Simple, easy-to-use controls provide the individual comfort adjustments you need to make sitting a pleasure.

Multi-Purpose, Multi-Use

There’s a Reply chair for every space. Roll it in for a quick discussion or a longer project meeting. Put it to work in a conference room. Or bring it out for big gatherings and events, then stack six-high when everything is over.

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