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Steelcase Regard

The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful.

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Regard from Steelcase

Supporting Times of Transition

The Regard system was created to solve the challenges of today’s waiting places, where people sit isolated, disconnected, uncomfortable and unproductive. Providing the right blend of solutions, Regard helps make these moments more meaningful by offering greater comfort, connection and privacy.

Designed to improve transition moments in healthcare waiting places, Regard also supports learning and working in libraries, cafes and other in-between spaces at education institutions and corporations.

People + Technology

Creates the right settings for leveraging technology in multiple ways. With integrated outlets at the surface, Regard provides easy access to power for personal devices. This enables productive waiting. And media cabinets bring monitors down to eye level, so people can choose whether or not to watch.

Intimacy + Separation

While waiting, most people seek separation from strangers and closeness to family, coworkers or classmates. Some like the stimulation of TV, while others prefer a quiet setting to focus on a task or read.

Provides a range of privacy options. Integrated dividers, screens and planters define and protect personal space in open environments.

Choices for Comfort + Support

People benefit from movement and productive activities while waiting. Whether lounging, perching or sitting, the ability to choose setting and posture gives people more control over transition times, which improves the overall experience.

Supports many comfortable and relaxing postures while also providing appropriate settings for task work at a table.

Adapts to Various Needs

Each of the 150 Regard components has been designed for easy assembly, reconfigurability and replacement. This means Regard can readily adapt to evolving needs.

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