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Steelcase Overbed Tables

Overbed tables allow collaborative interaction to occur bedside or anywhere in the patient room.

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Overbed Tables Overview

Multipurpose Surface:
The overbed table is more than just a place for patient meals. Overbed tables accommodate activities in a simple yet thoughtful way, while providing a surface to be used for consultation and collaboration. Simplicity of design makes the table easy to move and reduces visual clutter.

A Place to Connect:
Opus mobile bedside tables provide an adaptable area where patients, families and clinicians can gather, connect and share. The design features two surfaces – one stationary at standing height for caregivers and families, and a second height adjustable for patients.

•Tops available in two sizes and three shapes to accommodate food trays, personal items and writing
•Spill top standard on all thermoform styles to collect and prevent liquids from spilling over the edge
•Adjustable height
•Base available in two styles: standard C base and low profile U base

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