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Steelcase Neighbor

Neighbor chairs, tables and couches define an open lounge space to provide privacy and conversational places to connect with family while waiting.

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Privacy + Connection

Created by award-winning designer George Simmons, the Neighbor family of seating features unique high backs and simple rectilinear lines to create separation within an open lounge space. Chairs, tables and couches combine to foster connection as family members wait. They also provide separation from strangers to protect personal space and create intimacy.

Guests Welcome

People bring all kinds of things into waiting areas – Neighbor welcomes it all. Connecting tables and wide armrests support the belongings and activities of active waiting areas.

Modular Units Combine + Reconfigure

Neighbor is easy to reconfigure as needs change over time.
•Seats, tables and armrests configured in modular units create spaces that perform multiple functions.
•Different combinations and features readily accommodate alternative postures, bariatric needs and privacy.
•Steel legs and frames provide structural integrity and ease of cleaning for high-traffic healthcare settings.

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