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Steelcase FYI

FYI Monitor Arms, available in single or dual models, adjust quickly for workers on-the-go without using any tools.

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FYI by Steelcase


FYI Monitor Arms—in single or dual models—adjust quickly for workers on-the-go without using any tools. This puts screens in the right position for any user and any posture, reducing eye and muscle strain, increasing user comfort and creating a healthier and more productive workplace.

Independent Adjustability

FYI Dual puts two monitors exactly where they need to be. The dynamic range allows users to swivel, tilt and adjust the height of two individual monitors into the position that’s right for them—allowing for a more usable worksurface and less eye, neck and back strain.

Standard + Optional Features

Designed to adapt to tomorrow’s changing technology
Allows monitor to be positioned at the correct viewing distance and promote stress-free movement
Tilt mechanism operates through a range of 20º backward tilt and 30 º forward tilt
Rotation allows for landscape or portrait viewing of monitor
Built-in counter-balance tool for easy balance of the monitor
Ships with 75mm/100mm VESA compliant mounting plate

Mounting Options

FYI Single

c:scape bracket
FrameOne bracket

FYI Dual

c:scape bracket

FYI for Sync

Lower application
Upper application