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Steelcase Exchange

The Exchange standing height table provides an inviting place for clinicians and waiting families to gather, share and connect.

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Exchange Features

Because caregivers rarely have time for long consultations, nurses stations are often the site of impromptu meetings. This stand-up table provides an inviting place for nurses and doctors to gather and exchange information. The table’s height and foot ring are designed to support the user’s posture. Exchange comes standard as a freestanding race track, bullet shape and cafe round table.

Gather and Converse:
The Exchange standing height table’s compact worksurface provides an impromptu place for clinicians and families to gather, It’s ideal for a quick consultation, reviewing charts and files, or catching up for a moment.

Live on the Edge:
The bullet-shape table features a flat edge design for a snug fit against vertical surfaces, while the scallop detail leaves space for plugs and cabling to pass through.

Healthy Posture:
An oversized base provides stable, heavy-duty support. The footring lets users shift their weight while standing and promotes a healthier posture profile.

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