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Steelcase Eno

Eno combines analog and digital content, dry erase markers and digital ink with interactive whiteboard capabilities.

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Eno combines an interactive board, a high-performance dry erase board, and a magnetic surface into a single solution.

Eno classic is the first and only environmentally certified interactive whiteboard to combine the simplicity and ease of a traditional markerboard with high-performance interactivity without cords, cables or costly installation.

Eno one combines an Eno whiteboard, ultra-short throw projector, and stand or mount in a single solution from one provider.

With magnetic mounting hardware and no cords or cables to manage, mounts instantly over an existing ceramicsteel chalkboard, whiteboard, or any other steel surface.


  • Featuring industry-leading e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, Eno classic offers an exceptionally smooth surface for dry-erase notes that erase today and 30 years from now.
  • Eno classic adheres to stringent environmental certifications, is made of recycled materials and does not draw from power outlets. Installation in a new or existing space is reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Forever Warranty. The board is made with e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, built to withstand the hard knocks of classrooms and conference rooms. it’s built to last as long as your building.

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