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  • Steelcase Universal Storage

    Steelcase Universal Storage

    Universal is our most versatile and extensive storage offering. It expands what storage can do, while working seamlessly with a broad range of freestanding and panel systems.

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  • Steelcase TS Series

    Steelcase TS Series

    TS Series lateral files create efficient, organized space, while occupying a minimal footprint. Its clean surfaces blend effortlessly with your design aesthetic while coordinating with a wide range Steelcase applications.

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  • Steelcase Duo

    Steelcase Duo

    Duo Storage products allow you to redefine the individual workspace, allowing for seamless transitions from individual to group work.

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  • Steelcase Opus

    Steelcase Opus

    Opus modular casegoods define personal space to give patients and their families a sense of control over their healthcare experience.

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  • Depot

    Steelcase Depot

    Depot is a powerful storage option by turnstone, supporting up to 200 pounds on top of its one-, two- and three-high versions.

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  • Steelcase Davenport

    Steelcase Davenport

    Durable and simple, Davenport freestanding casegoods offer smart design for patient room storage.

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  • Steelcase Park

    Steelcase Park

    Park freestanding casegoods make room for the personal items of families and patients with contemporary, functional design.

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  • senza

    Steelcase Senza

    Clean and classic, Senza is our most complete line of freestanding casegoods designed for patients and families.

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  • waldorf

    Steelcase Waldorf

    The elegant Waldorf freestanding casegoods collection creates an inspired, easy-to-customize look for storage in patient rooms.

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  • Steelcase Denizen Storage Tower and Wardrobe

    Steelcase Denizen Storage Tower and Wardrobe

    Unique and refined, the Denizen Storage Tower and Wardrobe is crafted to be an impressive focal point for your space.

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  • sonata

    Steelcase Sonata

    Sonata modular casegoods define personal space within treatment settings, providing important amenities to patients and families with easy access for clinicians.

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  • ainsley

    Steelcase Ainsley

    Ainsley freestanding casegoods store personal items with familiar and comforting craftsmanship.

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