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  • Steelcase Universal Storage

    Steelcase Universal Storage

    Universal is our most versatile and extensive storage offering. It expands what storage can do, while working seamlessly with a broad range of freestanding and panel systems.

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  • Steelcase TS Series

    Steelcase TS Series

    TS Series lateral files create efficient, organized space, while occupying a minimal footprint. Its clean surfaces blend effortlessly with your design aesthetic while coordinating with a wide range Steelcase applications.

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  • Steelcase Duo

    Steelcase Duo

    Duo Storage products allow you to redefine the individual workspace, allowing for seamless transitions from individual to group work.

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  • Steelcase Opus

    Steelcase Opus

    Opus modular casegoods define personal space to give patients and their families a sense of control over their healthcare experience.

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  • Depot

    Steelcase Depot

    Depot is a powerful storage option by turnstone, supporting up to 200 pounds on top of its one-, two- and three-high versions.

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