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    Steelcase V.I.A.

    V.I.A. creates intelligent rooms, designed to augment human interaction by providing true acoustical privacy and hosting technology. It provides a sense of permanence with the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall.

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  • Steelcase Privacy Wall

    Steelcase Privacy Wall

    Privacy Wall and Privacy Wall GS are high-performance, moveable walls that give you the flexibility and variety to accommodate not just todays needs, but also the continually changing needs.

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  • Steelcase Post & Beam

    Steelcase Post & Beam

    Post and Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a range of work environments.

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  • Steelcase FlexFrame Workwalls

    Steelcase FlexFrame Workwalls

    FlexFrame workwall is designed to create high-performance workspaces from private offices to open group settings. Configured with functional surfaces and modular components, FlexFrame brings together storage, organization and built-in technology.

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