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Patient + Bariatric Chairs

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  • Steelcase Empath

    Steelcase Empath

    The Empath recliner is designed to reduce stress and the potential for injury for both patients and clinicians while increasing physical and emotional connectedness.

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  • Steelcase Mineral

    Steelcase Mineral

    The Mineral recliner provides a clean, familiar aesthetic in a compact design that saves space and makes it easier for patients to exit the chair.

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  • mitra

    Steelcase Mitra

    The extensive Mitra seating collection combines strength and beauty with slim, steam-bent curves and structural steel inner frames.

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  • Steelcase Sieste

    Steelcase Sieste

    The flexible, clean design of the Sieste collection of seating offers comfort in nearly any healthcare space.

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  • Steelcase Leela

    Steelcase Leela

    Leela lounge seating and tables combine clean lines and the right scale to bring a sense of welcome to any waiting place.

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  • Steelcase Outlook

    Steelcase Outlook

    The Outlook collection includes flexible and accommodating seating in five unique frame styles for waiting areas, reception and patient rooms.

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  • Steelcase Sorrel

    Steelcase Sorrel

    Light in scale and stackable, Sorrel adds great seating options, even with limited floorspace.

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  • Steelcase Cura

    Steelcase Cura

    Refined ergonomics and a distinct flexing frame make Cura seating ideal for increasing comfort and helping relieve anxiety.

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  • Steelcase Aspekt

    Steelcase Aspekt

    Aspekt seating and tables offer a clean, minimal aesthetic for patient and guest seating, with unique wave-like style elements.

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  • Steelcase Malibu

    Steelcase Malibu

    Malibu seating and tables bring flexibility and style to high-traffic healthcare waiting places, exam spaces and patient rooms.

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