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  • qiviguest

    Steelcase QiVi Guest

    QiVi is an ergonomic chair that promotes movement and collaboration while supporting a variety of postures. It’s ideal for meetings and conference rooms.

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  • Steelcase Move

    Steelcase Move

    Move stackable side chairs are a durable solution available with a variety of options.

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  • Steelcase Player

    Steelcase Player

    Player side seating is simple, durable and stackable.

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  • Steelcase Reply Guest

    Steelcase Reply Guest

    Work happens in many places. Choices for seating are abundant with Reply, a complete global family of task and guest chairs that are as nice to look at as they are to sit in.

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  • Steelcase crewguest

    Steelcase Crew Guest

    Crew delivers all-day comfort and a high level of performance with simple, intuitive controls, right at your finger tips. Classic and refined, Crew was designed by Brian Kane.

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  • Steelcase Cachet

    Steelcase Cachet

    Cachet adjusts to the way you sit. Its innovative materials and “balanced action rocker” mechanism evenly distribute your weight in response to your movements. The result is non-stop comfort, without the need for adjustments.

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  • Steelcase domino

    Steelcase Domino

    Durable, lightweight, affordable stacking chair. Quick-connect glides are designed to gang. Add color and comfort with upholstered seat and back cushions. Stacks 20 high on transport dolly.

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  • Steelcase Max Stacker I

    Steelcase Max Stacker I

    Max-Stacker side seating offers clean lines and a durable steel rod frame. Perfect for high traffic areas.

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  • Steelcase Max Stacker II

    Steelcase Max Stacker II

    Max-Stacker II has all the performance and proven dependability of the original Max-Stacker, with a rounded back, curved lines and upholstery options to provide added comfort.

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  • Steelcase Sawyer

    Steelcase Sawyer

    Sawyer guest seating is a contemporary solution for any office environment.

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  • Steelcase Scoop

    Steelcase Scoop

    The Scoop chair offers a durable seating solution in two different styles – stool or chair. Either option will bring modern style to any office space.

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  • Steelcase Snodgrass

    Steelcase Snodgrass

    Guest and occasional seating with classic simplicity.

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