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  • Steelcase Groupwork

    Steelcase Groupwork

    Groupwork tables and visual worktools promote open thinking from project rooms to cafe‚ spaces, and anywhere in between.

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  • Steelcase Emu Ivy Table

    Steelcase Emu Ivy Tables

    The clean lines and minimal aesthetic of Emu Ivy Tables brings the inspiration of nature into the office.

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  • Steelcase Convene

    Steelcase Convene

    Convene meeting tables and conference room furniture create a beautiful, durable, high-end space that reflects the essence of your brand.

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  • Steelcase Trees Table

    Steelcase Trees Tables

    Trees Tables are unique pieces that add interest and playfulness to contemporary office environments.

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  • Steelcase Sebastopol Table

    Steelcase Sebastopol Tables

    The collaboration opportunities are endless with the interactive, sculptural designs of Sebastopol Tables.

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  • Steelcase Overbed Table

    Steelcase Overbed Tables

    Overbed tables allow collaborative interaction to occur bedside or anywhere in the patient room.

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  • Steelcase Exchange

    Steelcase Exchange

    The Exchange standing height table provides an inviting place for clinicians and waiting families to gather, share and connect.

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  • Steelcase Emu Round Table

    Steelcase Emu Round Tables

    Available in a range of heights and shapes, Emu Round Tables use a simple, contemporary design to create inviting spaces.

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  • Steelcase SW_1 Tables

    Steelcase SW_1 Tables

    Crafted with equal parts intelligent design and beauty, the SW_1 Conference Tables and Occasional Tables welcome you to collaborative and social settings.

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  • Steelcase Holy Day Table

    Steelcase Holy Day Tables

    Holy Day Tables effortlessly make a statement in any space due to their clean lines, simple structure and high quality craftsmanship.

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  • Steelcase Enea Table

    Steelcase Enea Tables

    Available in varying heights and shapes, the full collection of Enea Tables create desirable spaces for offices, caf‚s, or conference rooms.

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  • Steelcase Enea Lottus Table

    Steelcase Enea Lottus Tables

    Designer Enea Lottus Tables are crafted to evoke a sculptural feel while retaining clean, simple lines for seamless integration into any space.

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