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Thank you for attending our Grand Opening Event!

Thank you for attending our Grand Opening

Thank you for helping us celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Corporate Interiors WorkLife Studio and participating in the opening of this unique platform for the creation of collaborative workspaces. We appreciate the time that over 250 attendees took to visit and celebrate with us. We invite you to browse through photos of the event on our Facebook Page. As we enter this new phase in our journey, we invite our A&D, real estate partners and clients to further explore our new space through a personalized experience.  This will enable you and members of your staff to explore the range of solutions with greater focus on areas of interest and better understand how we can support your organization.
Thanks as well to everyone who supported our raffle benefitting CHAD (Charter High School for Architecture and Design) and congratulations to our Coalesse LessThanFive carbon fiber chair winners Brian Schug and Debbie Van Dyke.