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Engaging Employees Through Innovative Workspaces

Corporate Interiors WorkLife Studio

Corporate Interiors celebrates the opening of its WorkLife Studio in the Philadelphia region. A collaborative space that provides clients, A&D and commercial real estate partners with a destination to rethink, explore, discover and create inspirational workspaces.

“The WorkLife Studio is a place to collaborate and create more advanced workspaces that effectively support current workplace trends, such as optimizing real estate, providing a balance of collaborative and private work settings, supporting an organizations brand, culture and wellbeing, and successfully engaging the four generations in the workplace today. “ – Janice Leone, Principal

WorkLife Studio CrossPoint at Valley Forge

Located at 550 East Swedesford Road in the Wayne suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CrossPoint is home to the Corporate Interiors WorkLife Studio. CrossPoint is a 272,360-square-foot office building with an impressive two-story atrium that connects two four-story wings.

Corporate Interiors WorkLife Studio

A workplace “ecosystem” of spaces helps supports employee engagement.

Workers are rejecting the old way of working and are seeking spaces that inspire them. The uniform approach to what a workspace “should” be limits potential for inspiration, creativity and social connection with others. Organizations are coming together to create spaces that enrich the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of people. In order to foster wellbeing, we have created a variety of work settings throughout our WorkLife Studio. These spaces are destinations that support deep-focused solo work, collaboration, meetings and socialization, supporting a healthy work/life balance for all associates. It is a workshop designed to create more advanced workspaces. It successfully integrates all that Corporate Interiors brings to the marketplace including commercial office furniture, architectural wall systems, custom millwork and cabinetry, flooring solutions and audio visual integration.

People at work need to focus, collaborate, rejuvenate, socialize and learn throughout their day. A workplace “ecosystem” of spaces helps supports employee engagement as well as support wellbeing by providing individuals and groups with a range of options within the workplace that takes into consideration posture, presence and privacy. There should be a variety of interconnected zones and settings that are destinations where people have choices and control over where and how they work.

When an office footprint has a balance between open and private areas, it provides the employee with a range of different spaces to support the diverse kinds of work performed in the course of the day. Open work areas encourage collaboration and create a sense of unity within organizations while private areas create effective team spaces and spaces for concentration.

When organizations understand this connection between workplace environment and wellbeing, they will get the most out of their real estate and employee investment.