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Service Agreements


Corporate Interiors provide their customers a wide array of service offerings to support customer needs in both the near and long-term.

Corporate Interiors provide their customers a wide array of service offerings to support customer needs in both the near and long-term. Beyond the successful completion of a project, new and different requirements often arise. Having a strategic partner that has the talent and resources to address these needs on an ongoing basis is a key component of a solid workplace strategy.

The strength that Corporate Interiors brings to a long-term partnership affords our clients the ability to choose from a variety of furniture, architectural and technology-based products wherever they happen to be around the world. As your furniture needs evolve, you might find that a long-term pricing agreement makes the most sense. Having a continuing pricing agreement in place benefits both manufacturer and client and ensures that all products are readily available for that next construction project or office renovation at extremely competitive prices.

The long-term services that Corporate Interiors brings as a local distributor and service provider cannot be overstated. CI has locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania with over 300,000 square feet of warehousing space to help store, manage and deploy any and all furniture assets you might have and allow you to view and even track your orders online.

We offer the following service agreements:

  • Repair Service Maintenance Agreements
  • Wood Maintenance Agreements
  • Purchasing Agreements
  • Brokerage Listing Agreements

Repair Service Maintenance Agreement

Corporate Interiors can provide routine and preventive maintenance through a customized maintenance agreement. We will provide a comprehensive service investment overview, identifying and defining each type of service and labor with related rates.

  • Installation / Delivery / Moving
  • Service / Repair
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Project Management
  • Brokerage Services
  • Space Plan / Designer / CAD
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Asset Management
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Fabric Treatment
  • Panel Refabrication

Wood Maintenance Agreement

As a supplement to our Wood Refurbishment Service, CI offers a comprehensive Service Agreement for wood care, encompassing three standard levels of service.

  • Level 1 Basic cleaning and polishing with the application of scratch cover. This application level will eliminate minor scratches and enhance the richness of the wood product. However, some scratches will remain.
  • Level 2 Touch up of minor dents and scratches in furniture with the application of color to the effected areas. Also included is the application of scratch cover to furniture. This application will hide dents and chips in which raw wood is exposed through the finish. The application of color to the damaged area will make it less noticeable, but will not eliminate dents, chips or scratches.
  • Level 3 Repair minor dents, chips and scratches in furniture, including the touch up of the damaged area to match the existing furniture finish. Within this level of repair, dents and chips will be filled, making a smooth transition within the previously damaged area.

CI is capable of providing total refinishing for any sized project.

Purchasing Agreement

The Purchasing Agreement is a formal document that illustrates the terms and conditions agreed upon with any sale of existing furniture that is sold for our clients.

This document protects all parties throughout the acquisition process in which we sell your furniture to a single or multiple buyers.

Critical areas such as purchase amount, method of payment, logistic, size, scope and timing of the purchase are part of this document structure.

Brokerage Listing Agreement

The Listing Agreement is a documented and agreed upon terms and conditions in which Corporate Interiors is hired to sell your existing furniture assets.

This document identifies such matters as the agreed upon commission, financial percentages that will be paid, the size and scope, processes and procedures, time frame, etc of your project.

This procedure resembles a real estate transaction in which a real estate professional is hired for a residential transaction and paid a commission on the transaction.