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Within a select range of choices, a temporary office arrangement can be established virtually overnight.

We can accommodate a wide range of design needs, including simple workstations, private offices or group settings.

Professional Setup

It’s about more than just the furniture. Our professionals deliver and install your furnishings to your specifications, turn-key and ready to go.

Flexible Leases

We know flexibility is a big reason why you choose to rent. Whether it is a one month or two year time frame, we offer the rental terms you need.

Fast Delivery

Need it right away? Our local rental service allows us to deliver to you in as little as 48 hours so you can get up and running quickly.

Purchase Option

You can have the best of both worlds. Rent today with the option of owning it later. Choose the program that best suits your short and long term goals.

Financial Benefits

Achieve Greater Financial Performance

We understand the challenges you face in improving profitability through increased revenue and cost reduction. Corporate Interiors’s solutions allow you the freedom to pursue long term objectives while keeping expenses in check.

Increase Revenue

Apply resources to assets that perform while reducing monies to non-productive assets or processes. Rental provides you with the financial freedom to fund growth strategies that provide a greater return.

Control Costs

The total investment in furnishing the workplace is much greater than the purchase price, especially in a changing work environment. Consider rental to reduce the long term costs of asset ownership.

Minimize Risk

The workplace is evolving and the timeline between usefulness and obsolescence is short; reduce the risk of over-investment in inventories that may not be needed in the future.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Speed to market is critical. Rental gives you the ability to quickly get your product, service and people to the forefront.

Operational Benefits

Optimize Your Business

The ability to expand quickly as needed is true operational flexibility. Workplace solutions help you achieve greater performance and make it easier to manage times of change. Whether you are experiencing growth or facing contraction, you need operational and financial flexibility to meet fluctuating business requirements.

Get Ahead of the Need

Easily cover the gap between projected needs and unanticipated requests. Corporate Interiors’s quick and flexible rental services allow you to pro-actively manage the many changes that occur in the workplace.

Achieve Greater Efficiency

Expand, contract and evolve with ease. We help your organization stay nimble and moving forward by providing you with furniture that comes and goes as your needs change.

Increase Internal Responsiveness

Fast solutions for internal customers helps the organization stay on track with its initiatives. Corporate Interiors’s services give you the ability to solve needs quickly to keep the momentum flowing.

Maximize the Space

Gain productivity and greater usage of space through Corporate Interiors’s expert configuration and the latest in open plan designs.


• Prompt Delivery
• Professional Installation
• Professional Furniture Layout Available
• Competitive Pricing
• Defers Commitment to Allow the Evaluation of Long Term Requirements


• Executive & Managerial Office Suites
• Executive / Task / Stack Seating
• Filing / Storage / Bookcases
• Conference Tables & Chairs
• Training Tables & Chairs
• Reception Areas
• Office Accessories


• Office Expansions
• Temporary Employees
• Delayed Furniture Delivery
• Facility Relocation
• Contractors, Consultants & Auditors
• New Divisions, Start-Up Operations
• Corporate Training
• Special Events & Meetings
• New Projects, Task Forces
• Temporary Office Locations
• Disaster Recovery
• Conferences, Workshops