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Renewed Environments has a team of skilled craftsmen each cross-trained on a variety of remanufacturing processes.

We offer a selection of in-stock remanufactured and reupholstered products. We also specialize in remanufacturing our customer’s furniture inventories, allowing our clients to extend the life of their existing furniture. In conjunction with our unique online asset management system, we can create a remanufacturing program through which panels or chairs are picked up from your location, delivered to our facility, remanufactured using your predetermined color scheme and returned back to your site for installation.

Refurbishing your existing furniture with new fabrics and finishes, as well as adding new components where required, can extend your furniture investment. Reusing existing furniture in your project may also help earn credit towards LEED certification.

Our freshly re-upholstered Steelcase Leap, Criterion and Player chairs allows you to get a Steelcase ergonomic task chairs, built to last, at a fraction of the price of purchasing new.

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Renewed Environments featured in GRID Magazine

Renewed Environments, the eco-friendly remanufacturing and sustainable manufacturing division of Corporate Interiors, was recently featured in Philadelphia’s GRID magazine. GRID is a publication that focused on sustainability issues and initiatives in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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