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Relocation Management


Relocation / Move Management – Managing Change in your Organization

Whether you’re moving your organization a short distance or across the country, Corporate Interiors can help. Relocations are complex, time-consuming projects that can have a major impact on productivity—and your bottom line—if not managed correctly. Corporate Interiors has experience handling moves from a few to 3,000 people as quickly as over a weekend. Our Move Services capabilities not only include employee files and worktools, technology and equipment, we also offer disconnect/reconnect of technology, de-install/re-install of furniture and other related services.

Our Approach

Our Move Management Team works diligently throughout the client engagement to ensure we understand, document and communicate the essential information for a successful move.

Move Management

The success of any move is determined by the attention to detail throughout all phases of your move. Your Move Manager will serve as your single point of contact and supervise all move-related activities. They will be the first person on site, and the last to leave and will work closely with your team to understand expectations, protocols, logistics and coordination for a smooth transition into your new space.


Success begins with a well-defined plan. We are good listeners. We will integrate your goals into an executable plans that aligns with your strategy, budget and schedule. With over thirty years of experience, you can rely on us to understand the required resources, materials and logistical plan for success.


We provide comprehensive customized pre-move documentation for your employees that includes packing instructions, labeling, protocols and what to expect on move day. Our pre-move communication minimizes stress and delays, and creates a positive employee experience. Throughout the move, we will communicate status updates to your move team as required.

Safe Packing

We use proper packing techniques and materials to secure all of your contents, books, files, pictures and miscellaneous items.

Floor Plans and Placards

Floor plans are our roadmap for the move. Your Move Manager will study the plans for move logistics. To guarantee the ease and efficiency of your move, your plans will be color-coded and numbered based on the quantity of phases, floors, departments and/or access points involved in the move. Directional signage, layouts and color coded placards will be used to guide the move team.

Site Readiness

Prior to move in day, we make sure the site is ready for the move. Arrangement for dock and elevator use is confirmed as well as confirmation of proper permits and certificate of insurance.

Close Out

During the closeout process, we perform a complete onsite inspection, reviewing the move plan and final site conditions. We will create and manage a punch list for any open items.
Regardless of your change management needs, The Corporate Interiors Move Services team has the depth of experience necessary to make your move effortless.

Employee Move-In Experience


  • ƒƒ Communication plan
  • ƒƒ Pre-move survey
  • ƒƒ Space plan


  • ƒƒ Directional signage
  • Customized move-in booklet
  • Product demonstrations/trainings, including seat adjustments


  • ƒƒOnline educational videos
  • Welcome gifts