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Project Management


Our project managers work in tandem with our clients, designers and installers, to monitor and ensure project flow and accuracy from the pre-installation phase through completion.

Our ability to manage projects from small box moves to major installations is handled through a team-based approach, thus allowing us to be efficient and effective every time.

The Project Manager will clearly define roles and responsibilities for all team members:

  • Have the authority to make critical decisions quickly and has a direct line of communication to Steelcase and Corporate Interiors executives
  • Work directly with the Corporate Interiors project team to plan, coordinate, deliver, receive and install all the products within the scope of the project
  • Lead a team of professionals including Steelcase and Corporate Interiors support personnel, procurement specialists, multiple installation crews on site and a site leader/foreman for each site installation crew.

The Project Manager performs, facilitates or manages the execution of the following project related functions:

  • Oversee project and direct processes and resources
  • Stakeholder kick-off meeting – assign roles and tasks and align expectations
  • Multi-level project scheduling – 1) project milestone schedule; 2) 2-4 week advance resource scheduling; 3) detailed project activities schedule; 4) daily resource scheduling
  • Pre-order checklist – documents scope, specification, and timing details
  • Design and application support
  • Automated specials quoting process
  • Installation drawings and furniture specifications
  • Pre-installation coordination meetings
  • Installation, site and quality control supervision
  • Trade and inspections coordination
  • Best practice order management procedures:
    • Digital and seamless transfer of furniture specifications into the Steelcase Order Fulfillment System
    • Automated quote processing and acknowledgments to minimize issues
    • Quality checks of order documents
    • Documented guidelines; i.e., mock-up ordering procedures
    • Ease of securing manufacturing reservations to secure advance delivery dates
    • Owner sign-off checkpoints
    • Digital change form for change requests
    • Automated notifications of status
    • Progress reporting
    • Manufacture and shipping tracking
    • Close-out procedures – pre-punch lists, as-builts, owner manual, attic stock, etc.
    • Monitor and measure client satisfaction throughout process