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Donate / Charitable Re-Use


A program that provides viable, useful furniture to people in need.

This partnership is one of the many things Corporate Interiors and Steelcase offer to support our clients’ sustainability and humanitarian goals, at the same time seeking to minimize costs and optimize financial returns. Through our partnership with IRN, we take furniture that can no longer be used and cannot be resold, from schools, hospitals and corporations, and match these assets with U.S. and international charities. The surplus is distributed where it is desperately needed for economic development and disaster relief projects. We invite you to join the effort.

What Kinds of Surplus?

From Corporations: Private offices; Systems; Conference and training rooms; Seating; Reception areas; File rooms; Stored furniture; Office supplies;
From Schools, Colleges and Universities: Classrooms; Libraries; Labs; Kitchens; Cafeterias; Auditorium seating; Dorm & lounge furniture; Mattresses; Athletic equipment.
From Healthcare: Patient rooms; Doctor’s offices; Exam rooms; Operating Rooms; Labs; Administrative areas; Diagnostic equipment; Medical supplies

Is Reuse Complicated?

  • No. It’s as easy as throwing surplus away.
  • Instead of dumpsters, IRN brings in trailers.
  • There’s less traffic: One trailer holds as much as 3 to 4 big dumpsters.
  • It’s a cleaner, safer job: Nothing is being broken or smashed.
  • It takes no more time.

What Does Reuse Cost?

  • The cost is no more than throwing surplus away.
  • There’s no difference in labor.
  • IRN trailers cost less than dumpsters.
  • There are revenue opportunities in metal items like file cabinets and Steelcase systems panels.

If It’s Going to Charity, Why Is There A Cost? The charity picks up most of the cost of transportation and distribution – thousands of dollars per trailer – but can’t pay it all. Your payment makes the project possible.

Can I Take A Deduction? Yes, if the furniture is still on your books as an asset. If it is fully depreciated, or if your organization is nonprofit, no deduction is available.

What’s The Process?

Working with Corporate Interiors and IRN is a turnkey process. When we take on the project, we assume responsibility for getting it done, and doing it right.

  • We secure an inventory of your surplus; this is what we match with charities. We plan logistics and labor.
  • We prepare a not-to-exceed cost and logistics proposal.
  • On approval, we schedule the project, and coordinate moving and transportation.
  • After completion, we provide a detailed documentation of what you have shipped, where and to whom it has been provided.

Reuse: The Best Solution

Profit: It’s the least-cost option for disposing of excess furnishings that cannot be repurposed or sold.
People: Your surplus helps some of the neediest people in the U.S. and overseas.
Planet: Reuse reduces landfill disposal and conserves resources.
Public Relations: Saving money, helping people, helping the environment. There’s no better story.