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Delivery and Installation


We take pride in delivering your new furniture and architectural systems.

Our knowledgeable staff will ensure installations are performed properly and efficiently while configuring your furniture and architectural systems to meet exacting requirements.

We pride ourselves on our timely, accurate and damage-free deliveries. Our warehousing facilities in New Castle, Delaware and East Norriton, Pennsylvania handle a vast number of shipments received and delivered each day. We specialize in the details – receiving and inspecting your products for visible damage, and consolidating shipments from multiple manufacturers. Our fleet of trucks ensures your delivery runs smoothly, and that your products arrive safely on time and on budget.

Shipments are coordinated and phased in the sequence of installation to have the furniture arrive on-time to eliminate any double handling. Whenever possible, the furniture is staged on site for an efficient installation. If conflicts arise, Corporate Interiors will assess the situation with Steelcase’s Major Project Team and review options to avoid any additional costs. If delays arise and shipments can not be delayed, Corporate Interiors can re-direct the trailers to one of our facilities which can warehouse the product. Other options include Steelcase or one of our other partners detaining the trailers or maintaining the original ship date and staging at site (pending availability). A review of these options is presented in order to find the best solution based on the needs of the design firm and the client.

Pre-delivery Planning

Before delivery, Corporate Interiors Project Manager will work with the Steelcase Major Project Leader to ensure that all action items have been addressed.

This includes the following action steps:

  • Ensure timely manufacturing of product
  • Organize sequence of delivery
  • Confirm delivery dates and times agreed upon during pre-order
  • Determine security clearances, trailer requirements, and loading dock restrictions
  • Create sequence for loading


When the trucks begin rolling, your Major Project Service’s leader, and Corporate Interiors Project Manager keep tabs on everything to be certain it’s all going according to plan.

  • Execute delivery schedules
  • Track shipments continuously
  • Insures all items are inspected for damages
  • Obtains sign off on all products received by the client.


During installation, the Corporate Interiors Project Manager and Steelcase team is available to handle any last-minute needs.

  • Receive product and ensure it is delivered to correct locations
  • Assess product for damage
  • File freight claims as needed
  • Install product and pre-punch items
  • Assist with any needs that arise during the installation that require immediate action from Corporate Interiors and/or Steelcase
  • Invoice for products

Punch Resolution/Job Evaluation

After installation, Corporate Interiors project manager will facilitate:

  • Walkthrough and final Punchlist
  • Punchlist resolution
  • User orientation and training
  • Ensure the client’s complete satisfaction
  • Delivery tickets signed by the client
  • Final project meeting