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Asset Management


On-Demand Asset Management puts your stored assets at your finger tips

The ability to manage space changes to meet business requirements is critical. The process of storing and managing excess chairs, workstations, desks, and other equipment is complex and time-consuming. Corporate Interiors can help you maximize the return on your investment by allowing you to reuse your existing inventory instead of purchasing new. This allows you to focus on your core business, while we focus on supporting your asset inventory. With 300,000+ square feet of storage facilities and a sophisticated internet accessible bar code-based system for inventory tracking and reporting, we’ll keep everything in order for you, ensure it’s in top condition, and bring it to your site when you need it. As a single resource for all your asset management needs, we’ll help you cost-effectively manage change in your facility.

Our capabilities include:

Automated Asset Management System


The Corporate Interiors Asset Management Services are designed to provide vital, detailed office asset information required by today’s cost-conscious facility managers. This information helps you make better, more proactive decisions regarding the status and usage of office furniture and office equipment assets. Corporate Interiors employs a multi-functional computer database system which utilizes state-of-the-art bar code technology to collect, maintain and report current, accurate asset data. This enables your organization to gain better yield out of its current assets.


Our bar-coded asset management system completely replaces cumbersome manual property inventory practices, and their propensity for error, lack of detail and difficult, time-consuming maintenance. It automates the collection and maintenance of asset data and ensures that this information is always current. The use of bar-code technology also greatly increases the speed and accuracy of inventory data collection and provides on-demand asset reporting to answer specific asset-related questions. This is not only more cost-effective for you; it also produces real savings by providing asset information which allows your organization to reduce unnecessary purchases of office furniture and equipment.

Ensync Client eBusiness Platform

Corporate Interiors provides our clients with Ensync. A secure web based application which is SQL database driven and provides real-time reporting on our client’s owned assets. The web based site application draws from data entered into Snaptracker software (bar-code asset tracking).

The web based site accommodates multiple users with varying access levels. A user can inquire availability or status of customer owned assets or new asset receiving. The software can track assets in one building or multiple buildings. Assets are tracked through cycle counting using the hand held scanner and updating the assets current location.

The asset software application (Snaptracker) features bar-code technology.

Asset Inventory items are bar-coded and documented using multiple pieces of information including but not limited to the following:

  • Manufacturer
  • Catalog number
  • Asset description
  • Digital Imaging
  • Asset receipt date
  • Asset delivery date
  • Delivery workorder instructions. (assembly codes)
  • Delivery workorder location, room number
  • Project number
  • Purchase order number
  • Client Cost Center
  • Financial information (purchase price)

The inventory is accessible via an online catalog which allows each user to view, reserve and request inventory items (with appropriate access rights). Standard items are optionally photographed allowing user to view images of commonly reserved product. Real-time reporting on the inventory includes a built in report viewer that allows the user to export any of the reports in various commonly used formats including Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, and others.

The following standard reports are included:

(Custom reports can be developed based on client requirements)

  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Available, Reserved
  • Item Description
    • Condition
    • Location
    • Days in Inventory
    • Inactive Assets
    • Inventory Churn Rates
    • Minimum/Maximum Inventory Levels
    • Cost Avoidance

Hedberg Business Management System

Corporate Interiors utilizes Hedberg (order fulfillment software) to track the purchase order and assets from receipt to delivery. The software incorporates Bar-code scanners to track the movement of the item from the dock door to the warehouse racking to the truck it ships to site on. The delivery ticket sign off acknowledges delivery to site. The same secure web based software (Ensync) described above also allows our clients the ability to view real time reporting on the activity related to their newly purchased assets.

The following standard reports are included:

  • Orders Received
  • Orders Pending Delivery
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Orders Delivered

Custom reports can be developed based on client requirements.

When the client’s purchased assets arrives at our warehouse, our asset receivers perform the following tasks:

  • Review the bill of lading for the correct ship to address
  • Cross reference the PO on the bill of lading against the list of expected items
  • Verify the quantity of items listed on the bill of lading
  • Inspect the condition of the item
  • Identify item by cross referencing with the client purchase order
  • Label the item with the bar-code sticker containing item specific information
    • Purchase order number
    • Manufacturer
    • Item Code
    • Quantity
  • Scan the item to electronically receive. (Information is accessible using the web service application.)
  • Create paper file matching original purchase information to shippers packing slip.
  • Discrepancies in quantity, condition or description are reported to the purchaser via email
  • Receipt confirmation to the client
    • Scan and email packing lists to designated party
    • Hard copies are delivered to purchasing via courier