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Construction Portfolio Group

Construction Portfolio Group

Delivering integrated / architectural solutions for the entire workplace envelope with our Construction Portfolio Group

The Construction Portfolio Group provides Commercial Real Estate, Construction and A&D Firms with a collection of solutions that are integrated into the building infrastructure. Intelligent, mulit-functional spaces with flexible building infrastructure streamlines the process, lowers costs, and creates adaptable workspaces to support change. Our architectural wall systems, flooring solutions, integrated millwork and custom fabricated solutions are intelligent, cost-effective, sustainable, and technologically advanced. Our partnership with key project members begins long before the furniture selection phase.

•Understand flexible infrastructure ROI as compared to traditional construction
•Create flexibility solutions that allow teams and departments to reconfigure quickly
•Offer solutions with integrated technology and acoustical privacy
•Design spaces for optimal lighting for a variety of functional needs
•Know how to build strong relationship with the construction trades for cooperation and results

includes millwork and Architectural Solutions such as movable wall systems, glass storefronts, operable partitions, specialty films / customized logos, acoustical control systems, raised access flooring / modular power, signage / way-finding.

Construction Portfolio Group from Corporate Interiors