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Utilization of technology is critical to our business

In terms of technology, Corporate Interiors is uniquely positioned to support our customers because of three key factors:

As an authorized Steelcase dealer, we operate on a proprietary business system that is maintained by Hedberg Data Systems. This system supports the entire sales, planning, order management, receiving, warehousing, and financial management life cycle.

CET / AutoCAD Space Visualization

Hedberg Data System

As an authorized Steelcase dealer, we operate on a proprietary business system that is maintained by Hedberg Data Systems. This system supports the entire sales, planning, order management, receiving, warehousing, and financial management life cycle. Hedberg Data Systems supports 100% of your office environment needs, whether you have Steelcase products, complementary products from other manufacturers, or services. Steelcase’s SAP system is fully integrated with the Corporate Interiors Hedberg Data System through state-of-the-art web services that establish one seamless electronic environment.

Hedberg Mobile

Provides our field teams with online access to our enterprise systems, thus enabling quick response while on our client’s site. Data can be accessed through use of company issued tablets, ipads and smart phones.

Snaptracker Asset Management

Our asset management system that is tightly integrated with our business system and the design and specification tools used within Corporate Interiors. Again, this integration is furniture agnostic, supporting 100% of your needs regardless of manufacturer. This allows our customers to continue to extend the life of their current assets while migrating to new office standards.

Ensync eBusiness portal

We provide an open window into this broad base of capability using our Ensync eBusiness solution as the portal and integration point with our customers’ systems. Everything we do on behalf of our customers is completely transparent through the use of real-time web service integration with our system. We don’t use isolated solutions that would require redundant activities. Find out more about Ensync eBusiness Solutions

Technology before, during and after the transaction

At Corporate Interiors, we look at opportunities to leverage technology with customers in three areas:

  1. Leveraging technology prior to the transaction — The opportunities to improve performance start early in the process with a focus on knowledge and resources that improve understanding and performance. These efforts are focused on helping customers quickly assess the business issues, latest research, internal business practices, guidelines, processes, and access to professional services.
  2. Leveraging technology in support of the transaction — Many customers have invested heavily in procurement systems, such as SRM within Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest and others, supporting the purchase-to-payment process. According to recent research, the number one constraint to gaining anticipated benefits from these investments is supplier adoption. We’ll highlight some of the technology investments made by Corporate Interiors to enhance the return on these customer investments.
  3. Leveraging technology after the transaction — We look at improving performance after the transaction by providing visibility to activities throughout the fulfillment process, bringing resources to the front when questions arise, and supporting appropriate end-of-life disposition of products.

Leveraging technology prior to the transaction

Our objective is to share our insights, research, and resources to increase knowledge prior to a transaction. These efforts support self-discovery and provide access to professional resources. Because all customer requirements are unique, the solutions are customized to individual needs but frequently include:

  • Access to the insights and research on work, workers, and workplaces conducted by Steelcase and their partners
  • Planning ideas, success stories and examples of solutions from both within the client portfolio and, with permission, across our client base
  • Online definitions and guidelines for client solutions, application standards, and use guidelines
  • Contact information and “who to call” for project initiation, service support, product questions and similar client needs
  • Interactive design sessions used within our processes are shared through web collaboration to improve the quality of design and understanding of proposed solutions
  • A real-time view of currently-owned assets available for re-use

Leveraging technology in support of the transaction

Participation in e Procurement should be expected and should support 100% of the transactions in an electronic P2P environment. We have integrated our entire value stream — customer, manufacturer and distribution — with unique capabilities that set us apart in the industry:

  • All orders that our customers receive are not just accurate, they benefit from the best available pricing based on an SAP pricing engine eliminating manual pricing exceptions.
  • Response cycles are reduced by orders of magnitude because simple, repetitive requests are automated with online catalogs.
  • Quoted business remains the majority of customer spend and is automated through the P2P system. A simple click adds all items from a quote into a requisition, as if selected from catalogs, to provide support for full-spend visibility, automated receiving, and invoice reconciliation. With this detailed support, some clients choose to eliminate invoice processing as payment is based on documented receiving.
  • New processes that mix catalog and quoting have evolved – to further reduce process cycle time and effort. Collaborative quoting is moving more interactions online to gain process savings up to 70%.
  • All invoicing is electronic and provided with hooks supporting automated reconciliation.

Leveraging technology after the transaction

Our objective is to give clients visibility, and thus flexibility, throughout the fulfillment process. As issues arise, we ensure that they are identified, recorded, assigned for follow-up and tracking:

  • The status, from initial quote development, order placement, scheduled delivery, receipt, invoice and payment, is securely available online for every transaction. The information is pulled real-time from our collective value chain so that clients see exactly what we see within our systems.
  • Our systems retain information about contacts and client locations that impact scheduling, delivery, and installation so that we perform according to client expectation the first time and every time, by using this retained knowledge.
  • When issues arise, they are electronically captured at the job site with full descriptions and photography. This enables us to quickly associate the issue with not just the original order, but also the person responsible for addressing the concern, follow-up actions and replacement orders.
  • Electronic delivery tickets and installation packages help to ensure that accurate, up-to-date information is available on the job site as questions arise. This information can also be used to improve client internal delivery receipt processes.
  • As solutions are designed for a greater range of client variability it becomes more important that end users understand the adjustability options and features of their environment. Online videos and guides help end users understand and adjust their environment to optimize their personal comfort and safety.
  • When more complex questions arise, or support is needed for changes to the environment, our online service request system can be used to efficiently direct requests to the appropriate resources and provide follow-up response.